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Serving the Tri-State Areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Full-service pavement work

When you're looking for quality crack sealing services for major highways, backroads, or parking lots, choose the team that has been providing the area with quality services for over 50 years.

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Prevent costly pavement repairs with crack sealing

Pavement repairs can be costly depending on how bad the damage is. Prevent expensive repairs with affordable crack sealing services from ABCO Pavement Services, LLC.


Our team has been in business for over 50 years giving you the best in pavement services.

Quality traffic flow services

Choose the team that has been providing you with quality crack sealing services for over 50 years!

• Cracks will be filled completely

• If setting occurs, some cracks may need a second application

• Traffic will be blocked in the area and re-opened once completed

• Provides all the necessary traffic maintenance regarding traffic flow

Professional crack sealing

• Crack sealing saves you money

• Our team will remove any vegetation growing in cracks

• Cracks will be scraped to help remove dirt or debris

• Cracks will be filled with ODOT #3405 crack sealant

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