Prevent costly pavement repairs with crack sealing

Prevent costly pavement repairs with crack sealing. Pavement repairs can be costly depending on how bad the damage is. By providing affordable pavement crack sealing in Cincinnati, OH, we save you money now and in the long run. ABCO Pavement Services has been around for more than 50 years. We know how to keep your pavements looking perfect.

Crack Sealing Saves You Money

Unlike antique cars, your pavements don’t get better with age? The sun, weather, and fluids from vehicles all wreak havoc on your surfaces. Turn to our team for crack repair, and asphalt maintenance of your roads or parking lot. Our team performs the following services and more:

  • Removes Any Vegetation Growing in Cracks
  • Scrapes Out Cracks to Remove Dirt or Debris
  • Fills Cracks with DOT #3405 Crack Sealant

Improve the Condition of Your Roads

Choose the team that has been providing quality crack sealing services for decades. In order to ensure property traffic flow and minimal disruption, we perform the following:

  • Cracks are filled quickly and completely.
  • If setting occurs, some cracks may need a second application.
  • Traffic is blocked in the area and re-opened once completed.
  • We provide all necessary traffic maintenance regarding traffic flow.

Full-Service Pavement Work

When you’re looking for quality crack sealing services for major highways, backroads, or parking lots, choose the team that has experience. Schedule an estimate and consultation with us today.

Contact us to find out how affordable our crack sealing service is. We serve customers throughout Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.